Technology Solutions

At Inspired Accounting Solutions℠, we not only provide expert accounting services, but can also help you set up the best technical solutions and applications for your business.

These services include the following.

• Selecting the best software for your needs, keeping in mind your business’s budget.
• Setup the accounting system right for you, making sure it’s done correctly right from the start.
• Revise your existing software to work better with your Company’s processes.
• Conversion to a new software product or tool for more efficient and effective processing.

We can both set up a brand new system for you, or work with your pre-existing systems to make sure they are operating at peak efficiency.

Technology Solutions Case Studies


  • A Health Provider client was frustrated with the time it was taking to gather information for his financial and tax reporting. We restructured the software that he was using to work more effectively and added tools to make processing more efficiently. Now, information can be easily retrieved with less stress and brain-damage.

  • A start-up real estate organization was struggling with what software to use within their limited budget. We found cost-effective tools that met the Company’s reporting needs within their budget, helping them to set up their business for tracking and reporting correctly from the start. A key to business success is ‘knowing the numbers’, so this set up from the very beginning will help to ensure their future success.

  • An existing business was struggling to record credit card fees properly. We added an application that now helps record these automatically. Now, they have all of the data that they need on these expenses when tax time comes.

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