People and Staffing Solutions

Not only does Inspired Accounting Solutions℠ have expertise in the mechanics and processes of accounting, but we also excel in helping you manage your people.

For example, we can:

• Draft job descriptions and advertisements that tell the story of your needs, and help you target and find the right talent for your Company’s needs and culture;

• Perform hiring and on-boarding of new personnel;

• Train and mentor your existing staff.

People Solutions Case Studies


  • A Client had a great “cultural fit” candidate who had no accounting experience.  We interviewed the person and determined that, given her skills, she could be effectively trained in the responsibilities of the position. We implemented a successful onboarding and training program that has allowed her to become a key member of the organization’s future success. The Client didn’t miss a great candidate who didn’t ‘check the boxes’ at first glance, and we’ve been able to provide successful employment and career growth to the employee who might have missed out on this ideal job.

  • A critical employee for a property management company gave their two weeks’ notice.  We located a high-quality temporary-to-permanent candidate within a week, allowing a full week of training with the departing employee before their last day.  The candidate took on greater responsibility and was offered full-time employment after the conversion period at no additional cost to the Company.

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